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Alon Chaim Cohen
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I'm a wedding photographer that does a whole bunch of other stuff as well.

Photographer and Entrepreneur, Photography by Alon

Alon is a photographer that believes that emotion is at the core of everything in his photography. As a general rule if a photograph draws an emotional reaction then it is a good photograph, that's the way he sees it.

Alon was always the guy with a camera on his shoulder, from when he selected it as his major for art in Matric, where he learned to develop in black and white and spent countless hours in the dark room, all the way through his studies of graphic design and marketing. After graduating he spent time working at Nikon SA as a graphic designer where he learned tons of valuable things about his camera, such as what the hell white balance actually is and why it's important, not to mention all the other incredible stuff that your camera body can do.

He then spent a couple of years in the marketing and activations space before having a bout with cancer, spending a year on crutches and going through treatment.

After that he decided to quit his job and run his own small business as a photography and videography agency servicing the marketing and activation space while acting as a wedding photographer in his personal capacity.

He has a knack for being able to explain what it is that he does to people that want to learn in a way that is easy to understand, practical and engaging, and he has set his business up in a way that he trains all of his outsourced photographers and videographers in this manner in order to get the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Alon also has a known addiction for off camera flash, and isn't afraid to tell you why sticking your flash on your camera is possibly the worst thing you could ever do.

Looking For: Employees to Recruit, Entries to New Markets, Products to Purchase
Off-Camera Flash At Weddings
Sat. October 29th 2016
11:30AM - 12:15PM
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