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Chantal Drummond
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Chantal is a talented photographer, who is gifted in the way of calming ladies down while showing them how to look & feel fabulous. She believes all women deserve to have high self-esteem and love themselves.

Photographer, Femme Fatale Boudoir

A boudoir shoot is a very empowering experience for any women, and is something that every women should do for themselves. For this reason, Chantal Drummond decided to specialise in boudoir photography, five years ago. It was through her love of boudoir that she was able to accept herself and her flaws, as well as boost her self-esteem.

Chantal’s photographic style is soft, sensual and elegant. She enjoys working with all types and sources of lighting, however, natural and continuous lighting are her favourite. Her successful boudoir business has been the result of her exceptional understanding of client’s needs and wants, how to pose and light them perfectly, as well as her calm way of working with ladies and helping them love themselves.

Chantal co-owns Femme Fatale Boudoir Studio with Shelley Burt. And together, with their team of hair and make-up stylists, have created many intimate, fun & empowering experiences for their clients. 

Chantal is not only a successful South Africa photographer, but also internationally acclaimed, with AIBP and Boudoir International membership. She has won numerous awards from AIBP, Boudoir International, as well as other photographic organisations.

Chantal is affiliated with and works closely with both Buddies for Life and Bosom Buddies. For the past two years, she has photographed the Buddies for life magazine cover. In addition, Chantal often holds and participates in fundraising events, as she is an active sponsor and advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Chantal was extremely excited and proud to be named brand ambassador for Photon Continuous lighting and Vanguard. She works closely with the team at Fotacs and she has spoken at numerous photographic events on their behalf.

Her aim is to change the current perception of boudoir photography by illustrating its elegant side. As well as, to assist photographers in creating memorable experiences for their female boudoir clients.

Business Sector: Art&Media
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